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Natteh B

I used to make any excuse to avoid exercising or following a nutrition plan until I met Coach Rach. I started working with Coach Rach during a really difficult period in my life, and despite all the excuses I could have used to avoid exercise and healthy eating, Rach got me exited and motivated to exercise and meal plan. Coach Rach provided me with structure, advice and support that made weights exercises seem approachable and my goals attainable. Rach provided me with daily support though text and voice messages, plus weekly webinars and phone chats to discuss my achievements, challenges and overall progress. Rach’s fitness coaching not only helped me to gain muscle and lose body fat, she also helped me learn how to use weights and machines properly, eat the right foods and portions for me, feel sexy, and actually love exercise. Now I don’t make excuses to avoid the gym, I am happier and I feel healthy and confident in my body.


Tabitha F

When I went into these 12 weeks my main goal being to lose size. While watching the number on the scale go down would be a lovely side effect I was concerned more with seeing centimetres drop off.

Well today I wrapped up my program. I completed my final weigh in and measurements, and my results are in. Happily I lost a very reasonable 5.6kg in the past 12 weeks-very content with this. 
But the clincher is centimetres, that was the ultimate goal after all..... and Ive lost a whopping 69.5CM TOTAL ☺️☺️

I’m so incredibly pleased with these results (so far), as well as all the simple lifestyle changes that this program and Rach have helped me implement into my daily world. 

Now onwards and upwards! I’m off for a few weeks self monitored training and trying to stay on track and focused before I’ll jump back in to another round with a new set of goals to focus and kick arse on 💪💪💪


Ellie D

Rach’s programs have been so easy to follow. Her workouts have been great and she tailored them so I could do them at home. She introduced me to the flexible dieting approach and explained everything really well. The results I got from following her program were really good. She is also really lovely and has been really easy to talk to and is always happy to answer questions. Would highly recommend!


Simone D

My motivation initially for working with Rach was to work on my form and technique while lifting weights... it was basically non-existent when I started. What I have achieved since stating with Rach has far exceeded anything I expected... not only did my technique improved (I can actually squat now instead of just sort of leaning over and stuffing up my back) but my whole outlook of how I exercise has changed!

I’d always been a cardio person, happy to go for a run, do a spin class or sweat it out in a HIIIT class. I’d struggled to do any weights because I’d just end up getting bored. I realise now it’s because I’d never understood that lifting weights CONSISTENTLY has so many benefits beyond building muscle. I haven’t lost much weight since working with Rach, which was never my intention, but what has amazed me was the change in my body composition. I’ve lost about 10% body fat and increased my muscle mass by 7%. I’ve also found that consistently keeping to an exercise routine has improved my sleep, and stopped me from feeling tired and losing concentration in the afternoon.

The program Rach designed for me has also, for the first time ever, enabled me to enjoy lifting weights. She knows what is challenging for me and what my goals are, and set me a program accordingly. It’s bloody hard work, but it is so satisfying feeling my muscles fire correctly, and noticing that I am getting stronger. It’s helped my cardio performance as well. I can run better than I ever have, and burn more calories in a spin class than I previously did. Coach Rach knows what she is talking about and will be able to guide anyone through an extremely well tailored program. HOWEVER, you have to come to the table as well. I forced myself through those first few weeks of early mornings and sore muscles by signing up to a challenge and it paid off. It made exercise both a habit but also something I looked forward to.

I hope you gain as much satisfaction from working with Coach Rach as I have. Best of luck!!!